Message from the area leader

Establishment of a new area of Hyper Bio Assembler for 3D Cellular Systems (BioAssembler) has been recognized in the new academic fields of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. This research project will be conducted over the five years from 2011 through 2015.

This new area of research aims to construct 3D tissues, which has not been previously explored in vitro. It consists of nine planned research areas in three groups of “Measurement and control of cell characteristics,” “Construction of 3D cellular systems,” and “Analysis and evaluation of 3D cellular systems,” and public research that is scheduled to start in 2012. This new area entails close collaboration between robotics experts who specialize in micro-nano scale measurements and manipulations and biological and medical researchers who construct stem cell and multicellular systems and aim for the medical application of these systems. Together, these experts and researchers will work to create a groundbreaking methodology (BioAssembler) that will measure and separate target active cells at high speed and construct 3D cellular systems that will form functional 3D cell complexes of these cells in vitro.
This group will also propose and formulate new scientific principles.

By attempting to understand the various characteristics of 3D cellular systems and establish a technology to construct them, we hope to make new breakthroughs and innovations in tissue biology and establish a new technical area of ultra high-speed micro-nano robotics. In the planned research for this project, we have brought together world-leading researchers in their respective fields. We aim to make significant progress centered on collaboration in this area, work together extensively with front-line researchers around the world, and lead the world in the creation of a biological tissue assembly system.

Prof. Tatsuo Arai, Osaka University Project Leader, August 2011

教授 新井健生