Research organization

In our research area, we aim to clarify principles for ultra high-speed measurement and manipulation techniques and tissue function expression with the BioAssembler, which will construct 3D cellular systems that function in in-vitro environments based on micro-nano robotics. We are pursuing research in collaboration with the following organizations.

Group A01:Measurement and control of cell characteristics

  • Measurements of cells and monitoring of autonomous induction with ultra high-speed manipulations; Prof. Fumihito Arai, Nagoya University
  • Ultra-High Speed Measurement of Cell Properties; Prof. Makoto Kaneko, Osaka University
  • Developing system capable of a closed, high-speed cell analysis and separation which targets cells with very limited numbers in vivo; Prof. Hiromitsu Nakauchi, University of Tokyo

Group A02:Construction of 3D cellular systems

  • Construction of 3D cellular system using high-speed micro manipulation; Prof. Tatsuo Arai, Osaka University
  • Ultra high speed assembly of 3D cell systems based on nano-scale cell selection/operation; Prof. Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University
  • High speed cell assembly usinsg fluidics; Prof. Minoru Seki, Chiba University
  • Construction of 3D cellular structures using MEMS; Prof. Shoji Takeuchi, University of Tokyo

Group A03:Analysis and evaluation of 3D cellular systems

  • Reconstruction and functional elucidation of complex tissue of the liver and other organs; Prof. Masayuki Yamato, Tokyo Women’s Medical University
  • Clarification of bone mineralization process and hard tissue construction; Prof. Osamu Suzuki, Tohoku University

Together with the above planned research, publicly solicited research will begin in 2012. The General Operations Group will oversee this planned research, and guide the research smoothly toward the creation of a new academic area.