Publicly solicited research

In this research area, we shall elucidate the principles for ultra high-speed measurement and manipulation techniques and tissue function expression for the BioAssembler, which will build 3D cellular systems that function in in vitro environments based on micro-nano robotics.

There is organic linkage of three research topics: “Measurement and control of cell characteristics,” in which physical properties of cells taken from living organisms are measured at ultra high speed and active cells that are useful in constructing cell systems are separated; “Construction of three-dimensional cellular systems,” in which 3D cellular systems with complex morphologies are shaped and assembled; and “Analysis and evaluation of three-dimensional cellular systems,” in which growth, differentiation-inducing, and morphogenesis controls and transplantation responses of the 3D cellular systems that were made are analyzed and evaluated, and functional elucidation as well as comparison and verification are done in vitro. Artificial 3D cellular systems will be created that have morphologies and actions that are useful in medical engineering.

To move forward, we will focus on planned studies covering specific research topics, develop active and specific collaborations, and seek proposals for two-year research studies that complement the planned research. Only two-year projects will be considered, and research work will be kept strictly confidential.

The number of publicly solicited research projects we shall adopt is scheduled to be about 20. Subsidy amounts will have an upper limit of 3 million yen per year (for 1 year). We particularly look forward to original proposals from young researchers. For collaboration with planned research, please write down the specific collaborative organization and research content.

Research topics

  • A01 Measurement and control of cell characteristics
  • A02 Construction of 3D cellular systems
  • A03 Analysis and evaluation of 3D cellular systems